use your brain!

Professional list servs can sometimes be a godsend, and other times a source of total absurdity and hilarity. But sometimes they just make you throw up your hands and say, “use your brain!!!!” Like this one:

Hello all!

We recently received a manuscript order in which were inserted small vendor-generated slips regarding both the physical description as well as the synopsis of each volume’s content.

We feel that keeping these slips will be of use to our users however we are worried that the paper on which these are printed will degrade thatof the manuscripts i.e we would like to find an alternative to just slipping them into the items themselves.

Do any of you retain these slips, and if so what do you find is the most efficient way to keep them with the both care of the manuscripts and the use of your patrons in mind??

Many thanks,

Um, I don’t know, use an archival envelope (or *make* an envelope by folding a piece of paper in half) and tuck these in side, and tuck the envelope inside the book or, if applicable, inside the box where the book is stored. Gee whiz! Not everything has to be hard!

Now, usually when I have this reaction, I am immediately humbled as many people both more helpful and more experienced than I reply revealing all the complexities of the situation and offering useful professional advice. But. Seriously.



So tired and unprepared for the conference I’m presenting at tomorrow. Got into Arlington Heights today with the dog. Things went shockingly well among all the dogs, but of course you can’t turn your back or, like, sit down for ten seconds. And of course in the last week I have not managed to finish polishing my paper or make my power point. So I am doing that….now. Conference is in Chicago; public transport takes two hours and requires like four switches, so i’m just driving….but not real excited about that (or paying for 12 hours of parking) either. I really like conferences, and I actually especially really like *this* conference. I was very specific about submitting a proposal and making sure I made it to this one. But now……I just. don’t. feel. like. it. (last night I had a dream that I got stuck somewhere in Chicago with like a gang or something and missed my presentation slot, and the worst part was that they had a copy of my paper and someone else read it and it was horrible.) Then I woke up in a panic that the conference was really today and not tomorrow and that I was in Ypsi when I should be in Chicago. That wasn’t true either. Anyway. 24 hours from now it will be over. Well, by “it,” I mean my presentation. I’ll still have half a day of conference left, and that one will involve driving into the city during Monday rush hour! I’ll have to leave at like 6 a.m. Sweet.

life lessons

This was posted to our neighborhood FB group today:

Well….We were Robbed… happened between 10- 12am….came out at 9:30 and saw a kid blue coat, jeans and empty back pack…I said hello and then waited. Saw him wander through the neighborhood…so I called the police 411. Told them he was by the bakery. Drove over there and saw him go into the Gas station…never saw him come out. Thought I saw him again but it was another kid with a full back pack that told me to ‘stop’ following him (he said he was an EMU student. He said he was going to call the police.. I said OK and went to YAM. Came home at noon and discovered the back door was open. Took jewelry and stuff…..

life lessons: locking your door is more effective at preventing robbery than obsessively stalking people around the neighborhood.

my necklace today

Today, I am wearing an heirloom. I think.

Also, a cat print dress. me-ow!

My grandma gave me this necklace when I was in 5th grade, shortly after my great-grandmother died. My understanding all along is that it belonged to her (my great-grandmother), but it’s actually possible I’m confused on that point. I do seem to remember, though, that my grandmother gave it to me because, according to her, my neck was small enough.

It’s a choker (that actually fits my adult neck perfectly, but snugly. If my neck gets fat, I won’t be able to wear it) that is made of a chain of tiny gold hearts. I have kept it nearby for years. I mean, since I got it. But I’ve almost never worn it.

Today I was trying to dress cute(ly?) because I’m going to a special occasion after work, and for some reason this one called me from the little drawer where it was stashed.

And I love it!

a sign?

So, I was just thinking maybe I’d go to church on Sunday for the first time in a bazillion years. I tentatively checked out the website for First Pres Ypsi (where we went for Christmas Eve midnight service: incredibly gorgeous rendition of O Holy Night; incredibly, um, presbyterian, rendition of Go Tell it on the Mountain). But I learned that (1) service is at 10 a.m., so that helps and (2) This is HOMECOMING SUNDAY, which means

Worship with Bagpipe, Celtic Hymns & Prayers.
Pastor Keith preaching: “The Great Banquet”
Celebrate Presbyterian heritage & catch up with old friends. Enjoy scones & shortbread after service. Tartans & kilts welcome!

Bagpipes! Scones! Yes. I think I shall go.