use your brain!

Professional list servs can sometimes be a godsend, and other times a source of total absurdity and hilarity. But sometimes they just make you throw up your hands and say, “use your brain!!!!” Like this one:

Hello all!

We recently received a manuscript order in which were inserted small vendor-generated slips regarding both the physical description as well as the synopsis of each volume’s content.

We feel that keeping these slips will be of use to our users however we are worried that the paper on which these are printed will degrade thatof the manuscripts i.e we would like to find an alternative to just slipping them into the items themselves.

Do any of you retain these slips, and if so what do you find is the most efficient way to keep them with the both care of the manuscripts and the use of your patrons in mind??

Many thanks,

Um, I don’t know, use an archival envelope (or *make* an envelope by folding a piece of paper in half) and tuck these in side, and tuck the envelope inside the book or, if applicable, inside the box where the book is stored. Gee whiz! Not everything has to be hard!

Now, usually when I have this reaction, I am immediately humbled as many people both more helpful and more experienced than I reply revealing all the complexities of the situation and offering useful professional advice. But. Seriously.


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